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Have a diurnal motivation for a nippy kickstart for the day. Let the daily writings fuel your spirit And let the art of words take you for a ride

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    I’m a writer who is focused on sharing daily inspirations and motivations with anyone all around the world. May the words reach you and build inside of you.

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    “The power of the belief you have in yourself gives great manifestation to confidence and peace within you”

    Phooko Tebogo PC

  • Tuesday motivation❤️

    Nobody said it is gonna be easy. The least you could do is have a bit of extra faith. Keep on trying, keep on working hard. One day it will all make sense 📝

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    Full proof of my being🌼

    POEM: Inspired by, and dedicated to this one Special person close to my heart😌🥰

    I swear my world was frozen
    When my confidence was stolen.
    I swear My vocal pipes were broken
    While my purpose was offloading,

    And painful it was,
    that I was just watching
    When everything was fading
    But I did nothing.

    Course I felt powerless.
    But a second chance life gave me
    And I used it.
    I used situations as a motivation,
    For restoration.

    When the storm hit my garden,
    When running to my darkest room has been an option
    Locking the door and thinking the worst,
    That was depression.

    But Positivity over ruled fortunately,
    And in the midst you appeared fortunately,
    And your story changed mine
    And I know mine changed yours.

    You came in Acoustically and not abysmally
    You appeared angelically and not dramatically,
    And basically, you are the one
    Who pragmatically gave my life a hymn

    And I feel, that is why my soul
    Is literally linked to yours.

    Copyright © Tebogo phaladi Cornelia Phooko

  • Writting🖋️

    The best therapy session you could ever book for yourself 💡📝. Bleeding your pain away unlimitedly on paper.

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In the midst of our troubled lives we need something to hold on to, for being hopeful of better days. This is for restoring hope and building an unshakable positive attitude in you.

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